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 Written by: Tyler Cook

[TL;DR version : RedSail produces most any type of video and broadcast production. Our main focus is Live Events and Wedding Videography]


In hiring us, you get a team who has learned the ropes before the company ever existed. The guys that lead the team have been a part of hugely successful projects, and know what it takes to make your project go as smoothly as possible, from start to finish.


Everyone who works for and with RedSail on creative projects, has had prior creative experience. They all have creative lives and businesses outside of RedSail. I mentioned in an instagram post one time that RedSail Collective sounded like a cool name, but the reality is; that's exactly what we are. We are a collective of creatives working together towards one goal, a great project for the customer.


Our vision is to never stop providing quality products to our customers. In addition, we try to constantly offer more products at affordable prices. We understand that creative services are expensive, and the process can be a headache. We aspire to make that process as simple as possible for you. 


I shortly describe our look and feel with 3Cs; Crisp, Clean and Classic. We want to deliver a product to you that will last. When we design, shoot and produce we try to avoid real trendy things that won’t last through the summer. We want your videos and designs to be functional as long as you need them to be. 


In 2015 RedSail grew from being a side hustle in the afternoons to something more. When we got the first live deal to produce some live signing shows for JCJC we decided right then that we needed a legit business. So, the plan originally was to give container to a thriving live-streaming business, but as most things work, it didn’t stay that way.

Tyler Cook, Owner

Before RedSail was created, I worked at a few different places. The most notable were JCJC on the livestream crew in 2011 and with Capturion Network in 2014 where I was over the Graphics Department and helped build and Direct Production Rooms for Jumbotron applications. My background comes mainly from Live Video, but there are quite a few video projects out there floating around that I have worked on between then and now that were not live. I’ve been shooting photos and video for almost 15 years, you could say its almost like breathing at this point.


Right now, RedSail produces any kind of video that you could imagine. We have had the lens focused tight on live gigs for our entire existence, but as of Summer 2018, we are making some changes to what we offer. We still (and always will) offer everything we have done on the Live Sports front, but we are officially turning that focus ring to include Wedding Videography. We aren’t done there though, over the next few months we will be talking through and adding even more to what we offer.